Total Expenses Taiwan

Total expenses Taiwan

Grand Total

25,771 TWD per couple ; $859 USD per couple

12,885 TWD per person ; $429.50 USD per person

Taiwan Expenses Grand Total
Taiwan Expenses Grand Total (per couple)

Average Daily Spend

859 TWD per couple ; $29 USD per couple

430 TWD per person  ; $14 USD per person

Average Daily Spend
Average Daily Spend

We spent a full month in Taiwan and travelled the western side of the country, from south to north. We visited 5 cities in total and we were lucky enough to have a Couchsurfing host in every city! We finally traveled an entire country without paying for accommodation! To sum up our time Taiwan simply, we will say this: we ate some of the best food and we did lots of outdoor activities. If you’re interested in seeing the exact breakdown of our costs, keep reading this summary of out Total Expenses Taiwan. 

Our highlights of Taiwan are:

  • Hiking Shoushan in Kaohsiung and seeing the monkeys
  • Eating eel noodles in Tainan
  • Our Couchsurfing experience in Chiayi and Seeing Chiayi by scooter
The best day riding around Chiayi
The best day riding around Chiayi
  • Visiting the night markets
Taiwan Night Market Sausage
Taiwan Night Market Sausage $1.70
  • Fo Guang Shan
Fo guang shan temple
Fo guang shan temple
  • Yangmingshan Mountain
Yangmingshan Volcano
Yangmingshan Volcano
Taiwan Expenses by Category
Taiwan Expenses by Category

Food & Drink: 14,151 TWD ; $ 472 USD

Taiwan is a foodie’s paradise. There are so many food options and the cuisine is always evolving. There are some famous traditional dishes that you must try while there, but there are some new exciting foods in the night market that you just won’t find anywhere else. Aside from the food being delicious, it’s cheap!

It’s impossible to talk about food & drink in Taiwan without talking about tea. There are tons of tea shops that offer all kinds of different combinations. We tried quite a few and we were never disappointed, except perhaps by the bubble tea, we aren’t huge fans of that beverage.

Also, something that’s cool about Taiwan is that they have a pretty strong craft beer scene. Unfortunately, it’s quite expensive, so we didn’t try too many. We had some in Kaohsiung, Tainan and Taipei.

Our favourite food & drink in Taiwan were:

Eel noodles

Turkey rice and pig blood soup (Sara)

Sausage with a special pepper from the mountains near Taipei (Carlos)

Taiwanese white grapefruit

Kumquat juice & tea

Traditional Taiwanese cake (chocolate flavor)

Chicken steak

Taiwanese Chicken Steak
Have you ever seen a bigger piece of fried chicken?

Accommodation: $0 TWD ; $0 USD

Woohoo! Can you believe it?! We didn’t spend a dime on accommodation in Taiwan! We have to thank all of our Couchsurfing hosts for this! We had great experiences with all of our hosts, they made us feel extremely welcome and comfortable, and they taught us so much about Taiwan, Taiwanese culture and everyday life in Taiwan.

Chiayi couchsurfing host
Our Host in Chiayi <3

Transportation: 5,316 TWD ; $177 USD

Transportation in Taiwan was a lot cheaper than what we were expecting. We thought that were going to hitchhike the entire country, but since it only cost around $5 to travel between cities by train, we didn’t think hitchhiking was necessary, we only did it twice.

Something that we regret doing in Taiwan was taking a day trip to Liu Qiu island. It cost us 1424 TWD each to take the bus to Dong gang, round trip ferry, and for the bikes we rented on the island. $48.70 USD is WAY too much money to spend on transportation for a day trip in Taiwan and what’s even more disappointing is that the island wasn’t worth it; we didn’t even get to see the sea turtles.

Leisure: 1,235 TWD ; $41 USD

We are really happy that we didn’t spend a lot of money on leisure in Taiwan. There were plenty of free activities for us to do in this country (especially hiking), so we were bust enough with those! We don’t regret any of our leisure purchases this month.

Alishan Forest
Alishan Forest
Top of Jinmanshian Trail
Top of Jinmanshian Trail

Here are the details of how much each activity cost:

Snorkel 200 TWD

Movies 310 TWD

Anping Treehouse 75 TWD

Night Market game 50 TWD

Alishan 300 TWD

Bikes 300 TWD 

Shopping: 533 TWD ; $20 USD

Once again, the only things we bought this month were gifts and dinner for our couchsurfing hosts. 

Personal Bills: 621 TWD ; $21 USD

We bought quite a few personal care products while in Taiwan, including Vaseline, a razor, Aciclovir, mouthwash, shampoo, a body sponge, and a konjac Sponge. Also, Carlos FINALLY got a haircut after 4 months without one. 

Other: 3,860 TWD ; $129 USD

In our budget summaries for Japan and South Korea, the Other category was always really low because we omitted the cost of our wifi routers. We decided that it’s necessary to add this cost into our budget summaries because it’s something that we will be purchasing in every country we visit. We know that wifi isn’t a necessity for all travelers, especially those who are on a budget, but I need wifi for my online teaching job. Plus, having internet no matter where we are in a foreign country has been really helpful, especially when it comes to direction or looking for things to do and eat.

If you want to read more about our time in Taiwan, you can check some of our free activity guides, our Taiwanese beer reviews10 Things That Surprised Us About Taiwanand 8 Things we Love and Hate About Taiwan

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