Taiwan Drink Guide

Taiwan Drink Guide

This Taiwan Drink Guide was created after we spent a total of 30 days exploring the amazing country of Taiwan. From whisky to tea to asparagus juice, this Taiwan Drink Guide has all the typical and unique drinks of Taiwan! We hope that you find it useful during your time in Taiwan and enjoy them all!



Taiwan has quite a few commercial beer options and a fast growing craft beer scene. If you’re outside Taipei  it may be a bit more difficult to find craft beer, but it’s possible (try Carrefour)! Craft beer costs about $5 at a brewpub/microbrewery. The commercial beer on the other hand is easy to find and the price is pretty good, a bit cheaper than in North America. About $2 USD from the shop and about $3.50 USD at a restaurant/bar.


Famous Commercial beer:

Only 18 Days

Taiwan Beer (fruit flavored beer options available)

Taiwan Tsing Beer Co. (fruit flavored beer options available)

Sweet Touch Fruit Beer

Craft Beer recommendations:

Le blé d’or

Zhang Men

Monkey Pilot

Jim & Dad’s

Kaoliang Wine

This Taiwanese wine has Chinese routes and is made from fermented sorghum.

King Car Kavalan Whisky

King Car Kavalan whisky is an award winning Taiwanese whisky that has received international recognition for being good quality. To see what we thought, read our Kavalan Whisky Review.

Rice wine

Rice wine is another drink of Chinese origin, but is considered as a traditional Taiwanese drink. The alcohol content ranges from 12-30%. You could also try this wine by cooking with it, which is a very popular way to incorporate it into a meal.  


Fruit Juice

Taiwan has many fruits. Because of this, there are TONS of fruit juice options. Here are some of the more exotic fruit juice options:

Polyphenol juice with milk and lime





Fruit milk

You may be familiar with chocolate milk and strawberry milk, maybe even banana milk. In Taiwan, there are a lot for fruit milk options! Papaya milk is by far the most famous and other unique ones are apple milk and cranberry milk. You can go to any shop or night market and find fruit milks easily.  


This is by far the most typical and traditional Taiwanese drink. Taiwan has the most extensive and creative tea menus we’ve ever seen and it’s impressive how many restaurants/stands exclusively sell tea and seem to be profitable. Taiwan also produces tea and it’s famous for oolong tea. You cannot leave Taiwan without drinking at least one tea. You absolutely must try:


Milk tea

Plum tea

Matcha/green tea

Examples of tea blends that they have in Taiwan are jasmine green tea with orange and granadilla, and green tea with grapefruit.

Bubble tea

The now world famous bubble tea was invented in Taiwan. The bubbles in bubble tea are tapioca balls. The great thing is that you have tons of different flavors to choose from!

Jelly fig iced tea

A night market staple, jeely fig iced tea is tea with gelatin inside. It’s like iced tea with jello.

Asparagus juice

Something that is unique to Taiwan is it’s canned and boxed asparagus juice. It tastes exactly how you think it would. Try it if you dare.


Marketed towards children, Yakult is a small yoghurt drink filled with probiotics. It tastes really good, probably due to all the sugar that’s packed inside! For a twist, try it frozen!

Sasparilla soda

Sasparilla soda is like root beer mixed with mouthwash.

Apple sidra

Apple Sidra is Taiwanese cider and it’s great! Maybe nothing special or necessarily new, but it’s nice, crisp and sweet.

Mr. Brown Coffee

Mr. Brown Coffee is Taiwan’s Starbucks. Why not try the local brand to change up your coffee routine? You can even buy canned Mr. Brown coffee at the convenience shops.

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