Our Story

Drinking on Dimes  is an online resource that shares alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink based reviews and travel guides. This platform aims to:

  • Help you discover new and interesting beverages
  • Teach you how to taste and appreciate drinks
  • Encourage authentic and delicious experiences by tasting national and popular drinks from different countries
  • Map out must go to bars and cafés
  • Show you how to make the most out of your time and money while traveling


Drinking on Dimes was founded in 2017 by newlyweds Sara Nelson and Carlos Ponce. Their inspiration came from their shared passion for beer, wine and travel. They wanted to build a platform that could serve as their personal tasting notebook, as their travel scrapbook and as a resource to help others make the most out of their drinking experience while globetrotting. So, an informative, easy to use and practical online resource was created to help beer lovers, wine lovers and travel lovers alike.


To be the number one go-to resource for beverage information and drinking based travel guides.


To share our experiences and opinions with readers in the hopes that this will help them make the most out of their drinking and travel adventures, without breaking the bank.