Le blé d’or Beer Review

Le blé d'or Beer Review

What else can we say for our Le blé d’or Beer Review other than this beer is great! We had a flight of 3 craft Le Blé d’Or beers at their pub in Taichung. All of the beers were good, some even exceptional! We would love to drink this beer again, we will definitely repurchase if we can find it abroad, and we would recommend everyone try this beer! The classic honey lager is available everywhere in Taiwan, so you will have no trouble finding it there! To see out detailed thoughts, keep reading this Le blé d’or Beer Review.

Honey Lager

Le blé d'or Honey Lager
Le blé d’or Honey Lager

Type/style:                  Lager

Location:                     Taiwan

Alcohol/gravity:          5%

Color:                          Light straw

Aroma:                        Lemon, white wine, citrus, white vinegar

Body & texture:           Light/medium

Carlos: 3.5

  • Sweet
  • A little sour (passionfruit)
  • Honey
  • Like the aftertaste, don’t like the mouthfeel

Aftertaste: –

Mouthfeel: watery

Sara: 4.5

  • Heavier than I thought it would be, not very light
  • Sweet but not too sweet
  • Citrus (grapefruit and orange)
  • Could drink as a dessert beer
  • Really flavorful

Aftertaste: White wine

Mouthfeel: watery, drying

Wheat Beer

Le blé d'or Wheat Beer
Le blé d’or Wheat Beer

Type/style:                   Lager

Location:                     Taiwan

Alcohol/gravity:          5%

Color:                         Amber

Aroma:                        Molasses, vanilla cake batter, citrus, a little anis

Body & texture:           Medium

Carlos: 4

  • Caramel
  • Banana bread
  • A little worty
  • Very umami
  • A little too heavy for me, feels to alcholy in my throat

Aftertaste: Heavy, a little sour

Mouthfeel: a little carbonation

Sara: 4.5

  • Light and refreshing
  • Cotton candy
  • Werther’s Caramel candy
  • Banana bread
  • Umami

Aftertaste: Heavy, like the beer

Mouthfeel: a little carbonation

Black Beer

Le blé d'or Black Beer
Le blé d’or Black Beer

Type/style:                   Lager

Location:                     Taiwan

Alcohol/gravity:          5%

Color:                          Deep brown

Aroma:                        Burnt BBQ chicken

Body & texture:           Medium

Carlos: 3

  • Watery
  • Cocoa
  • A little caramel

Aftertaste: Meaty

Mouthfeel: Watery, powdery, drying

Sara: 3

  • Watery
  • Chocolate
  • Walnuts
  • Flavors that I can’t identify

Aftertaste: Meaty, smokey

Mouthfeel: Sticky, drying