Kavalan Whisky Review

Kavalan whisky review

Our Kavalan Whisky Review is focused on the award winning Taiwanese whisky that was a must try for us while traveling in Taiwan. We had heard that it was really special and has gotten international recognition for being good quality. So, as you can imagine, our expectations were quite high. Were our expectations met? Definitely not. Did we like the whisky? Sure. Would we buy it or order it again? No. Should you try it? If you’re in Taiwan and you want to try Taiwanese liquor, definitely. Carlos did a proper tasting of the whisky. To see his overall thoughts, keep reading this Kavalan Whisky Review.

The whiskey has some caramel and woody notes, both in aroma and flavor. It has no smokiness to it and is more on the austere and firm side of the scale. Even though it’s a single malt whisky, it resembles traditional blended scotch: brands like Buchanan’s or Ballantine’s come to mind. It’s interesting to note how similar it is to these traditional brands, considering that it’s made in a very different climate. Unlike Japanese whisky (which you can put it in its own category), this one blends in with what we can safely assume are some of the brewers’ inspirations.


Type/style: Single malt

Location: Yilan, Taiwan

Alcohol/gravity: 40%

Color: Deep gold

Body & texture: Medium

Aroma: Woody, caramel, syrup, smells like Old Parr or Buchanan’s

Carlos: 3.5

  • Like Old Parr but oakier
  • Wood
  • Honey
  • Syrup

Aftertaste: sharp

Mouthfeel: mouth coating, syrup