9 Free Things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

9 Free things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

We want to share all of the free activities we did with you in this list of 9 Free Things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Kaohsiung is the first city that we visited in Taiwan, and we absolutely loved it! We think it’s a wonderful city for all kinds of visitors: solo travelers, couples, families, digital nomads, beach bums, nature lovers, budget travelers. There are plenty of things to do in the city and the surrounding area. We stayed there for one week, and we could’ve stayed longer! In fact, Kaohsiung is one of those few special cities where we could actually see ourselves living in. To see 9 Free things to do in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, please keep reading!

1 Go to the Beach

There are 2 main beaches in Kaohsiung: Cijin Island Beach and Sizihwan Beach.

Sunset at Cijin Beach
Sunset at Cijin Beach

2 Hiking and monkey viewing

The Shoushan National Nature Park is a great place to spend a morning or afternoon hiking. We would say that the level is medium, because part of the main trail is a man-made path with stairs, and the other part is a natural path. It is quite steep. The best part is the monkeys! We saw SO many monkeys during our hike and they were so calm. We know that in some areas of Asia the monkeys can be aggressive and naughty, but these ones are gentle and hardly take notice of the humans that walk by them.


Shoushan National Nature Park
Monkeys at Shoushan National Nature Park

3 Night markets 

There are a few different markets that you can go to in Kaohsiung, including Riufeng, Liuhe and Jhongsiao. Our all time favorite Taiwanese night market is Riufeng. This one has the most food stands and lots of games.

Games at Riufeng night market
Kids playing at Riufeng night market

4 Tiger and dragon pagoda

The tiger and dragon pagodas are a must-see attraction in Kaohsiung.

5 Pier 2 

Pier 2 is a group of old warehouses that have been turned into shops and restaurants. It’s the ideal place to spend your afternoon or weekend perusing the shops, having some ice cream and viewing the statues.

Being silly at Pier 2
Being silly at Pier 2

6 Watch the sunset from the old British consulate

We did not get to do this free activity, but it’s highly recommended!

7 Walk the Love River

We walked the Love River every day. It’s a beautiful spot in the city and a great place to get some nice pictures.

Kaohsiung Love River
Kaohsiung Love River

8 Kaohsiung museum of fine arts

We didn’t have time to go to this museum, but it is free!

9 Fo guang shan temple & museum  

Fo guang shan temple & museum is one of the most impressive sightseeing attractions we’ve ever seen. The grounds are ginormous; there are 8 different pagodas to explore and the main temple with four different exhibitions. On top of all this, it’s stunning. It’s located about 40 minutes outside Kaohsiung by bus, but taking the trip out there is so worth it.

Fo guang shan temple
Fo guang shan temple