Only 18 Days Beer Review

Only 18 Days Beer Review

This Only 18 Days Beer Review was written when we were in Taipei. This is a very popular commercial Taiwanese beer that we really enjoyed! For a commercial lager, it’s really nice. What’s awesome is that you can buy the liter bottles at most convenience shops and grocery stores. If we can find it outside of Taiwan we will definitely repurchase. For more details on the beer itself, keep reading our Only 18 Days Beer Review!

Type/style:                   Lager

Location:                     Taiwan

Alcohol/gravity:          5%

Color:                          Pale gold

Aroma:                        Lemon, sweet corn, a little stale

Body & texture:           Light

Carlos: 4

  • Corn soup
  • Malty
  • A little bitter

Aftertaste: a little bitter

Mouthfeel: refreshing

Sara: 4

  • Light and refreshing
  • Watery
  • Lemony and a little sour

Aftertaste: –

Mouthfeel: watery

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